For us, every job is an opportunity to meet new people and to build good relationships in our community. To do well, we’re going deep into our many years of experience to create a job process that covers all the details.

We look at your house in much the same way a doctor looks at the human body, and understand the various systems of function and form your house contains, how to diagnose the problems (if any) and how to remedy in alignment with your taste and preference.

Starting at our initial meeting to discuss ideas and plans, through the home inspection to discover structures and materials, then integrating all the information into a clear picture and evolving a plan of action, we do our best to give you the information you need to make the quality decisions that lead to the outcomes you envision.

We have the workmanship, the tools, the trades, and access to both the ordinary and the extra ordinary materials you may need.

Over the many decades, as builders and contractors, we have found that often what people remember most is, “how the job went.” We think of this as the emotional quality of the job and put great effort towards achieving it. We have a great sense of satisfaction when we hear our  clients say, “we are so pleased with how well the job went.”